Ecological clean product,

made from natural ingredients


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About company

The Company “Aragats Food” has started its first but definite steps in canned food production since 2014.        

Despite the short period of functioning, the Company has managed to replenish with modern equipment and professional technologists with extensive experience in the field of food production.

The Company remains faithful to the old and good traditions of the Soviet-era canned food production and aims to provide consumers with high quality healthy and clean food.

By carefully studying and taking into consideration the highly competitive market created in the food industry and the various challenges coming from it - the Company doesn’t hesitate to give solutions to the problems, which will surely proceed from the interests of the consumer.

The Company prefers ecologically clean products of plant and animal origin that are free of any toxic chemicals and aren’t harmful to health when it comes to choose the raw materials for production.

The secret of the incredible taste and quality of our products is due to the fact that most of the work is done manually strictly adhering to all the sanitary and hygienic norms.

    Thus, the Company "Aragats Food" provides its consumers with a variety of products with unique taste and quality.